Mind, Life, and Body

by Reginald O Kapp

Contents List:

Part I The Problem in General Terms:
I Some Basic Questions
II A Definition of Matter
III A Basic Question Re-formulated
IV A Suitable Terminology
V Relevant and Irrelevant Questions About Mind and Body
VI Relevant and Irrelevant Questions About Life and Body
VII The Case for Materialism
Part II The Problem in Terms of Teleology:
VIII Teleology and Vis a Tergo
IX Antiteleology, Panteleology, and Localised Teleology
Part III The Problem in Terms of Diathetics
X Diathesis
XI How Diathesis Is Transmitted
XII A Path for Diathesis in Living Substance
XIII Primary Relays
XIV Causation With and Without Control
XV Free Will and the Problem of Control
XVI Mind and the Function of Timing
XVII The Energy in a Primary Diathesis
XVIII A Brief Recapitulation
XIX Sundry Difficulties
XX Towards a Solution

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