Book 17 Tertium Organum

or the Third Canon of Thought and a Key to the

Enigmas of the World

by P D Ouspensky

Contents List:

Author's Preface
Chapter I Knowledge
Chapter II Space
Chapter III A Fourth Dimension of Space
Chapter IV Time as the Fourth Dimension of Space
Chapter V Four-dimensional Space
Chapter VI Investigation of Higher Dimensions
Chapter VII Dimensions and Mathematics
Chapter VIII Man's Receptive Organisation
Chapter IX Seeing and Touching
Chapter X Time-Sense and Space-Sense
Chapter XI Science and the Fourth Dimension
Chapter XII Phenomena
Chapter XIII Noumena and Karma
Chapter XIV Sensory and Extrasensory Perception
Chapter XV Love and Death
Chapter XVI Man-in-Himself
Chapter XVII A Living Rational Universe
Chapter XVIII Life and Knowledge
Chapter XIX Towards New Knowledge
Chapter XX Infinity
Chapter XXI Reality
Chapter XXII Approaches to Noumena
Chapter XXIII Cosmic Consciousness

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